About Us

Om Hospital can be deemed as one of the leading hospitals that provide the best care and treatment options for those who need it. Situated in the Raipur District of Chhattisgarh, this hospital has been a beacon of hope for the victims and the patients that seek medical care and attention.

Ever since its existence, in the year 2013, Om Hospital has been providing the best medical services. Om Hospital currently has the bed strength of 100 beds which rose from 25 since the year 2013. With a special Cosmetic Surgery and Trauma Center, this hospital is one of the best for providing medical services to locals as well as non-locals. Apart from that, the O.P.D of the hospital provides care and surgical options to about 100-200 patients every single day.

The talented team of doctors and specialists are more than qualified for their jobs and consider it their duty to treat everyone who needs it.

Our Mission: What Is Our Ultimate Goal?

Every single professional at the hospital works with a focused aim to provide beneficial patient care and treatment options at an affordable rate. We consider it our solemn duty to extend different medical facilities, achieve our goal of providing better care, and educate people and students about medical science.

We even have a motto of serving those who cannot afford for the costly treatments in the hospitals.

Our Philosophy: What Do We Believe In?

The main philosophy of Om hospital is to present and conceive certain surgical, medical and specific services that are otherwise not available for the patient satisfaction.

We provide commitment is our services and these are for the individuals inside as well as outside our work area. We believe in promoting care, curing and preventing issues, and rehabilitating those who are in the need of our services.

Our plan of action is centered on the care of the patient and the clients that come here in search of treatment and care.

Our Services And Functions: What Do We Do?

Among so many beneficial services, some of them which make us the best are:

  • Providing ultimate satisfaction and care to the injured
  • Eliminating the spread of communicable disease with the help of preventative measures
  • Health promotion and health education for those who need it
  • Services of proper rehabilitation
  • Providing training for nursing and paramedics to the medical students

There is no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to choose Om Hospital as their treatment destination. We are the ultimate providers of the best services that you will find on the medical front in Raipur. Once we are approached, the ball shall always be in your court!